Electro-Acoustic Research founded & designs modular music synthesizers · 2003 to present · Los Angeles, California Modular analog music synthesizer/manufacturer



Peter Grenader (born in 1957) studied music composition at the California Institute of the Arts under the influence of Barry Schrader and Morton Subotnick. During that tenure he took lectures by Pril Smiley, John Cage, Vladimir Ussachevsky, Milton Babbitt, Lou Harrison, La Monte Young, Charles Dodge, Aaron Copland and performed with Gordon Mumma. In 2002, Grenader’s Electrolux won the Periòdic Experimental Music Festival in Barcelona, Spain. Other appearances include an evening performance at the SEAMUS National Conference, the University of North Texas, California Institute of the Arts, Stony Brook University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, University of Texas at Austin, Georgia State University’s Pulse Field, the Florida Electro-Acoustic Music Festival and the 2003 Electric Rainbow Coalition Festival at Dartmouth. His work has been broadcast on KCSN-FM, Los Angeles; CKCU-FM, Ottawa, Canada; WOBC-FM in Oberlin, Ohio and Resonance FM, London. Further palmares include The Institute of Sonology in Utrecht, Holland and GMEB in Bourges, France as well as two wins at the Virginia Commonwealth University Music Festival and three performances at the Los Angeles Sonic Odyssey, two of which – Je Suis Anonyme and The Assent Into Light – being world premiers. He was a guest host for KCSN-FM’s Galactic Voyager radio program for a special edition focusing on Electroacoustic music and in 2006 was a featured composer at the 17th American Composer’s Forum Salon in Venice. Initially at the invitation of sound artist Steve Roach, Grenader served as a panel speaker at the fifth annual TapeOpCon in Tucson, Arizona along with Dave Wright of Not Breathing and has subsequently returned each year since to both Tucson and New Orleans to host this panel.

In 2007, in what composer Barry Schrader termed an historic event, Peter Grenader performed at the REDCAT in Los Angeles with Analoglive!, an ensemble conglomerate of live analog electronic music along with film composer Gary Chang, Nine Inch Nails keyboardist Alessandro Cortini, Richard Devine, composer and instrument designer Chas Smith, Thighpaulsandra (of Coil and Spiritualized), and video artist Paul Tzanetopoulos.

In 2013, his Secret Life was released through Coda Recordings, consisting of studio works during a ten year period beginning in 2002 and highlighted by The Secret Life of Semiconductors, a twenty five minute homage to Morton Subotnick’s Until Spring. A member of the SEAMUS board of directors and ACF (American Composers Forum), he is the founder of Plan B Synthesizers and their primary designer.

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